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Home Battery Backup in Evansville
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Like any other city, Evansville is vulnerable to power outages for a variety of causes, including inclement weather conditions. Households may be without electricity for hours or even days during these disruptions.

If you have a home battery backup system, you can keep your essential appliances and gadgets working during these blackouts.

Purchasing a home battery backup in Evansville is a practical move for several reasons. The benefits are various, ranging from energy independence and increased property value to sustained power during unpredictable outages.

Are Backup Batteries a Good Fit?

Having a backup battery for your home in Evansville is a wise purchase. This offers numerous advantages by supplying a steady supply of electricity, encouraging energy independence, and helping the environment.

Different tax benefits and incentives are provided by both the federal and state governments. The purpose of these incentives is to bring down the cost and increase the financial appeal of installing these systems. Among the noteworthy examples are:

Federal Investment
Tax Credit

Homeowners can receive a federal tax credit of up to 26% of the total cost of installing a home battery backup system, including installation and equipment costs. This credit results in a significantly lower starting cost for the system.

Solar Energy System
Tax Credit

Evansville homeowners can receive a tax credit if they install solar energy systems that include house battery backups. The tax credit is 30% of the solar energy system's cost, including the backup battery.

Benefits of Home Battery Backup

Finding dependable and effective power sources is essential in today's world when energy consumption is at an all-time high. It has become a game-changer, offering homeowners a wide range of advantages of working with an Evansville home battery backup provider.

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Keeping Extra Energy Stored

By installing a home battery backup system, Evansville homeowners can store surplus energy produced by their solar panels throughout the day. Using this stored energy at night or during periods of high energy demand reduces reliance on the grid.

By optimizing the use of energy produced by themselves, householders may reduce their carbon footprint and improve the environment.

Reservable Power Source

When blackouts or other emergencies strike Evansville, residential battery backups provide a stable supply of electricity. They allow homeowners to go about their daily lives without interruption.

Maintaining the operation of essential appliances such as security systems, medical equipment, and freezers can enhance both convenience and safety.

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Cost Savings

Installing a battery backup system for your Evansville home could save you a lot of money over time. Using stored energy during peak hours, when electricity rates are higher, can help homeowners avoid expensive power bills.

Ease of Use

Home battery backups in Evansville are designed to be easy to use and hassle-free. They now go with existing solar panel installations and require minimal maintenance.

Automated systems check energy levels and switch to battery power seamlessly when needed, eliminating the need for human intervention.

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Why Evansville Homeowners Trust SolaTrue for Home Battery Backup

In Evansville, homeowners understand the importance of having a reliable home battery backup system. With the rising frequency of power outages and the need to ensure uninterrupted power supply, many residents are turning to SolaTrue as their trusted provider.

SolaTrue offers advanced home battery backup installation in Evansville with battery backup solutions that meet the unique needs of homeowners.

Through a combination of cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to reliability, we have earned the trust of countless homeowners in the area.
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Local Expertise

As locals themselves, the experts at SolaTrue are aware of the unique energy needs of Evansville residences. We understand the community's issues and offer customized solutions to effectively tackle its problems.

Our knowledge of local regulations and incentives ensures a smooth installation process and maximizes benefits for homeowners.

Quality Products

Through our partnership with well-known businesses, SolaTrue provides high-end home battery backup systems. These are made to withstand Evansville's weather and provide consistent power during outages.

From state-of-the-art battery technology to powerful solar panels, SolaTrue prioritizes quality to deliver long-lasting solutions.

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Customer Satisfaction

SolaTrue strives to go above and beyond and places a high priority on client satisfaction. Our personnel provide one-on-one consultations to homeowners to assist with the selection and installation procedure.

SolaTrue's commitment to transparency and openness means that clients are always informed. Positive reviews and testimonials from Evansville locals attest to the excellence of SolaTrue's products and services.


“Excellent job and fast service. Saving hundreds on my bill each month. All the employees from sales and installation are very professional and knowledgeable about the process.” -Len S.


“I bought my solar panels a just over a year ago, and I’ve really seen a difference in savings. The sales team and installation team were so nice and informative.” -Lindsi R

Secure Your Home's Energy Future with SolaTrue's Expertise

A house battery backup system is a must in Evansville, a busy city where residents are always on the lookout for the possibility of severe weather events. 

As one of Evansville's leading providers of home battery backup systems, SolaTrue offers cutting-edge products and expertise to protect your home's energy future. With our state-of-the-art technologies, you can reduce your carbon impact and have a constant power source.

SolaTrue works with leading manufacturers to provide you with the greatest home battery backup options and solar panel systems. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you will receive products that are trustworthy and long-lasting.

In addition, we provide the greatest customer service out there, supporting you every step of the way as you strive toward energy independence and providing prompt assistance.

Choose SolaTrue if you're a homeowner in Evansville and desire to help preserve our energy security. By utilizing solar energy with home battery backup in Evansville, you can make financial savings, contribute to a sustainable future, and have a consistent power source.

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