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Home Battery Backup in Houston
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Houston is well-known for its scorching summers; the heat makes it the perfect place for storms to brew. Thus, the city is susceptible to power outages due to extreme weather. If you live here, having a battery backup system can guarantee an uninterrupted electricity supply during these outages.

If you want a home battery backup in Houston, SolaTrue is a provider you can trust. With our cutting-edge products, you can keep your household powered, even during prolonged and widespread outages.

Are Backup Batteries a Good Fit?

Texas is one of the leading states in solar power generation, and installing a backup battery for the home in Houston has surged in popularity in recent years.

What’s more, Houston homeowners looking to install solar technology—which includes battery storage—can enjoy the following incentives:

  • Up to 30% in federal tax credit 
  • Solar property tax exemption from the Texas government
  • Rebates from energy companies 

As a result, these incentives make solar installation less of a financial burden.

If you want to know if having a home battery is the right choice, contact SolaTrue for a free consultation with our solar specialists.

Benefits of Home Battery Backup

As conventional energy sources become scarcer and more expensive, having a reliable and sufficient emergency power source is vital. Backup batteries are a game-changer and offer various benefits to Houston homeowners needing backup power.
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Storing Excess Energy

Home battery backups store extra energy from your solar panels. When there is high demand or the primary power source is unavailable, you can use the excess energy the batteries save to get the most out of your solar technology.

Backup Power

Solar panels tied to the grid are not immune to outages. If the grid is down, you will lose power, too. A home battery as a backup power source keeps essential household appliances running and protects them from potential damage.

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Save Money

When you back up your solar panels with batteries, going off-grid becomes an option. You can turn your home into an energy-independent island, saving long-term costs.

Easy & Seamless

Household battery backups are high-performing and low-maintenance. Professionals can easily incorporate them into your existing solar power systems. The transition to these power sources is seamless during outages.

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Why Houston Homeowners Trust SolaTrue for Home Battery Backup

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Local Expertise

The professionals at SolaTrue are locals and understand the particular energy requirements of Raleigh homes. Since they are aware of the issues the community is facing, they provide focused solutions to address them.

Their familiarity with regional laws and incentives guarantees a seamless installation procedure and optimizes advantages for homeowners.

Quality Products

Through partnerships with reputable manufacturers, SolaTrue provides durable home battery backup in Houston. These technologies have helped you power through Houston's severe storms, unforgiving heat waves, and bitter cold snaps for years.

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Customer Satisfaction

SolaTrue offers top-notch home battery backup installation in Houston, and the favor of Houston’s people attests to the quality of our service. 

Customer satisfaction is our team’s top priority, and we strive to go above and beyond. We offer homeowners one-on-one consultations to assist them with the selection process and installation. 



What Client's Say About Us

Here are some of our satisfied customers’ testimonials.
Nina T.

This company is great! every time I have questions they never fail to educate me on my problems throughly in a way I understand.


The best solar company around, Jacob helped us through the whole process and getting everything situated paperwork wise and the best communication skills with everything!

Lindsi R.

I bought my solar panels a just over a year ago, and I've really seen a difference in savings. The sales team and installation team were so nice and informative.

Len S.

Excellent job and fast service. Saving hundreds on my bill each month. All the employees from sales and installation are very professional and knowledgeable about the process

Invest in Resilience with SolaTrue’s Home Battery Solutions

Storing excess solar energy that you can use as needed is now possible through home batteries. With an uninterrupted supply of solar power in your home, you are a step closer to true energy self-sufficiency. 

SolaTrue, an established solar solution provider, offers cutting-edge and reliable home battery backup in Houston. With our first-rate products and excellent installation services, you can stay safe and comfortable in your home, knowing you can depend on your solar power system no matter what.

Contact us today to start investing in your energy resilience!

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