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Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Garner's array of quality living opportunities is second to none, from pleasant climates to diverse outdoors, local parks, world-class arts, and advanced healthcare and tech. It's a four-season oasis with just enough eco-consciousness to maintain balance.

As the community’s environmental awareness grows, the demand for sustainable energy solutions like solar energy is on the rise. SolaTrue’s services align with Garner’s green agenda, contributing to a cleaner future. Choose SolaTrue, your trusted solar company in Garner, for top-notch solar installations.

Why Garner Residents Should Go Solar

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Utilizing sunlight to power your property demonstrates responsible consumption and a proactive step towards environmental sustainability.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Garner residential solar installation promotes sustainable living and delivers significant long-term savings. Apart from initial and upkeep expenses, experience worry-free energy for years.
Environmental Friendly
Environmental Friendly
Going solar guarantees you'll continue to enjoy Garner's scenic and tranquil surroundings. Solar energy doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, thus reducing toxic emissions, preserving air quality, and maintaining a comfortable temperature over time.
No Hazardous Waste
Solar panels can last 25 to 30 years without relying on traditional fossil fuels, ensuring clean energy production without emitting harmful emissions.
Tax Incentives

Going solar doesn’t have to be expensive. You can offset the cost through the 30% federal tax credit. Furthermore, the state of North Carolina exempts the value of your solar installation from your property tax.

Increase Home Value
Solar power increases your property’s competitive edge in the real estate market, as more people today prefer eco-friendly features when making buying decisions.

Our Solar Installation Services

Roof Mount Solar Systems

Our roof-mount solar system installation service is suitable for sturdy roofs with ample space and sunlight. Before installing, we will carefully examine the roof’s angle, tilt, and orientation.

Ground Mount Solar Systems

Our ground-mount system installation service is perfect for a vast yard with ample sunlight exposure. We'll have to clear and level the surface before installing panels.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Energy Efficient
Free Consultation
Our Garner solar panel installer begins by giving you a free consultation. This allows us to give you customized solutions that best fit your property.
Cost Effective
Custom Design
We customize our solar energy system designs according to your property's features, budget, and local zoning regulations.
Environmental Friendly
Flexible Financing
As your trusted solar company in Garner, SolaTrue ensures affordable solar installation costs. Besides the 30% tax credit, we offer financing options with low interest rates, no money down, and affordable monthly fees.
Project Management
Leave the complex, time-consuming paperwork to us. We’ll handle the permits, agreements, and other requirements on your behalf so that you can focus on enjoying the benefits.
Superior Installation
Our solar installation experts in Garner, NC, offer unparalleled service. We commit to a seamless process, ensuring your investment yields significant returns.
24/7 Monitoring

SolaTrue provides ongoing support after installation. We use a real-time tracking system called Enphase to inform you about your energy production and savings.

What Our Customers Say

Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
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Garner’s idyllic community has something for everyone—families, newcomers, vacationers, learners, and entrepreneurs. Let's protect these opportunities by adopting renewable energy to power homes, including yours.

Choose SolaTrue, your dependable solar company in Garner, to help you seamlessly switch from a traditional to a solar-powered home. 

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