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Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Apex—a rapidly growing town in North Carolina—offers a blend of charming downtown festivals and rich railroad heritage. It’s a vibrant destination, always buzzing with fresh experiences, drawing those eager to unwind and settle down. As the number of homes increases, so does the demand for power supply.

Like many communities, Apex has embraced eco-friendly initiatives to preserve its environment, integrating renewable energy into its properties. This transition requires careful planning, so finding a reputable solar company in Apex like SolaTrue for quality installations is essential.

Why Apex Residents Should Go Solar

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

By harnessing sunlight as your primary source of electricity, you're actively promoting responsible energy use.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Apex residential solar installation requires upfront and upkeep expenses; however, it guarantees long-term savings without worrying about fluctuating costs.
Environmental Friendly
Environmental Friendly
Solar energy helps maintain clean air and pleasant temperatures, so you can bask in Apex’s lush surroundings for years.
No Hazardous Waste
Solar panels typically last 25 to 30 years or even longer, significantly reducing environmental impact compared to conventional energy sources.
Tax Incentives

Solar installations offer compelling financial benefits, including a 30% federal tax credit and property tax abatement in North Carolina.

Increase Home Value
Who can resist an eco-friendly Apex property with eligible tax credits? This is highly appealing to budget-conscious buyers, especially those concerned about the environment.

Our Solar Installation Services

Roof Mount Solar Systems

We install roof-mount solar systems on sturdy, spacious roofs with ample sunlight. The installation happens after assessing the roof's angle, tilt, and orientation.

Ground Mount Solar Systems

We install ground-mount solar systems on vast, open yards with plenty of sunlight. Our Apex solar panel installers will clear and level surfaces first before the installation.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Energy Efficient
Free Consultation
SolaTrue’s service begins with a discussion to identify your unique needs and tailor a solution to meet them. This initial consultation enables us to recommend the best solar option for you.
Cost Effective
Custom Design
We customize our solar energy system designs to fit your property’s characteristics, zoning regulations, and allocated budget.
Environmental Friendly
Flexible Financing
SolaTrue is your partner in budget optimization. We offer flexible financing options with low interest rates, no money down, and below-average monthly payments.
Project Management
Complex paperwork? Leave it to SolaTrue, your trusted solar company in Apex. We will oversee the necessary permits, agreements, and other documentation for you.
Superior Installation
Expect high-quality results from our professional solar installation experts in Apex, NC. We are dedicated to a smooth process, ensuring your investment is worthwhile.
24/7 Monitoring

Our services extend beyond installation. Using a web-based tracking system called Enphase, we keep you updated on your solar energy production and savings.

What Our Customers Say

Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Power Your Apex Home with Solar Innovation

Apex aims to maintain its “Peak of Good Living” title by fostering growth while preserving its small-town charm. Investing in renewable energy is a crucial part of this plan, making the community a wonderful place to live.

Seeking a trustworthy solar company in Apex? Work with SolaTrue. As a local provider backed by national support, we're confident in facilitating your smooth transition to solar-powered living.

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