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Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Mesquite, the Rodeo Capital of Texas, is bustling with fun activities, learning opportunities, and green initiatives, including the adoption of renewable energy to sustain its growth. With more people making their homes in this dynamic community, yours could be among them. What better way to embrace life in this diverse community than by switching to solar energy?

Let SolaTrue, the leading solar company in Mesquite, assist you in this transition.

Why Mesquite Residents Should Go Solar

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Going solar teaches responsible energy consumption, harnessing sunlight to power your property and maximizing efficiency.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

With solar energy, you only pay initial and upkeep fees, which can be offset by incentives, resulting in long-term savings.

Environmental Friendly
Environmental Friendly

Solar panels can last 25 to 30 years, ensuring you enjoy clean air and pleasant temperatures for decades.

No Hazardous Waste

Embracing solar promotes a lifestyle that prevents harmful leaks and eliminates the need for disposing of hazardous waste.

Tax Incentives

A Mesquite residential solar installation brings multiple financial benefits, including a 30% federal tax credit and a 100% state property tax exemption on the appraised value of your solar system.

Increase Home Value

Make your property more enticing with eco-friendly features, eligible tax credits, and money-saving opportunities.

Our Solar Installation Services

Roof Mount Solar Systems

Our reliable Mesquite solar panel installers can install roof-mount solar systems on strong, spacious, and sunny roofs after evaluating the suitability of their angle, tilt, and orientation. This helps us mount the panels securely and strategically.

Ground Mount Solar Systems

We set up ground-mount solar systems in sunny and spacious yards. After clearing and leveling the surface, we’ll proceed with panel placement.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Energy Efficient
Free Consultation

Our consultation process includes an energy audit, property survey, and free quote to help us understand your needs.

Cost Effective
Custom Design

We look at your property’s building characteristics, zoning regulations, optimal solar performance, and allocated budget to create the ideal solar energy system.

Environmental Friendly
Flexible Financing

We provide flexible financing to fit your budget. Our options include low interest rates with no upfront costs and lower-than-average monthly payments.

Project Management

As a trustworthy solar company in Mesquite, SolaTrue handles the necessary paperwork, such as permits, utility agreements, and rebate documentation, on your behalf. We want you to focus on enjoying the benefits of solar energy.

Superior Installation

Your project is in good hands with our professional solar installation experts in Mesquite. Trust us for superior craftsmanship and excellent customer service that maximize your investment.

24/7 Monitoring

Our post-installation support features Enphase, a web-based tracking tool for monitoring energy production and savings, sending referrals, and generating reports in real time.

What Our Customers Say

Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Power Your Mesquite Home with Solar Innovation

Mesquite is a wonderful place to live, work, relax, or raise a family. Most importantly, it’s committed to implementing eco-friendly measures, making it ideal for solar-powered homes.

If you’re ready to join the solar community, choose SolaTrue as your partner solar company in Mesquite. Our main goal is to ensure clean energy is always accessible to everyone.

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