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Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Lewisville strikes a good mix of urban and suburban life, offering safe neighborhoods, relaxing recreational spaces, quality schools, and plenty of entertainment hubs. Energy conservation is vital for sustainability in a city that strives to maintain this balance. For this reason, Lewisville continues to promote energy efficiency through green programs, including facilitating solar panel installation in new homes.

Interested in joining this agenda? Choose a reputable solar company in Lewisville like SolaTrue as your trusted partner for top-notch installations.

Why Lewisville Residents Should Go Solar

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Solar energy operates solely through sunlight, easing the strain on the electrical grid during peak demand and improving efficient energy consumption.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Lewisville residential solar installation can save you money in the long run. It qualifies for tax incentives to lower solar expenses, such as upfront installation and ongoing maintenance.

Environmental Friendly
Environmental Friendly

Going solar frees you from relying on fossil fuels, prevents harmful leaks, and helps maintain clean air and pleasant temperatures.

No Hazardous Waste

Installing solar panels in your home decreases reliance on polluting fuels, preventing frequent waste disposal and promoting a healthy environment for decades.

Tax Incentives

You can lower solar costs through a 30% federal tax credit and a 100% state property tax exemption on the appraised value of your installed system.

Increase Home Value

A property with eco-friendly and cost-saving features is appealing to potential buyers today as sustainability becomes increasingly valued. Transitioning to solar will significantly boost your home’s value in the real estate market.

Our Solar Installation Services

Roof Mount Solar Systems

SolaTrue installs roof-mount solar panels on spacious, stable rooftops with ample sun exposure. Our team checks the angle, tilt, and orientation to determine roof suitability and ensure optimal results. 

Ground Mount Solar Systems

SolaTrue installs ground-mount solar systems on large yards or other outdoor spaces with ample sunlight. This process involves leveling the surface and clearing trees before our Lewisville solar panel installer proceeds

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Energy Efficient
Free Consultation

Our service starts with a free consultation with a SolaTrue representative. During this process, our team will conduct an energy audit, perform a site survey, and offer a free quote to ensure we understand your needs thoroughly.

Cost Effective
Custom Design

After consulting with you, our team will conduct a thorough property inspection to develop a tailored solar system design. The design will incorporate the property's features, local zoning policies, and solar potential, as well as your budget.

Environmental Friendly
Flexible Financing

Our solar company in Lewisville offers flexible financing options to make solar projects affordable for everyone. These options offer low interest, zero down payments, and monthly fees lower than the average electricity bill.

Project Management

We handle complex paperwork like a pro. Our project management team promptly secures the necessary documentation to get your solar project running. Let us do the work and focus on enjoying the benefits of your investment.

Superior Installation

Our Lewisville franchise delivers top-tier residential solar services by leveraging the expertise of our solar installation experts in Lewisville and the extensive resources of SolaTrue’s nationwide network.

24/7 Monitoring

SolaTrue ensures you stay informed about your solar system through Enphase, our dependable mobile monitoring app. Use it to track daily energy production and savings. 

What Our Customers Say

Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Power Your Lewisville Home with Solar Innovation

Solar installation is a great way to conserve energy, generating your own power instead of solely relying on the energy grid. Ready to transform your Lewisville home with solar power? For a successful transition, work with a dependable solar company in Lewisville. Choose SolaTrue, a nationally backed team of residential solar experts. Our primary goal is to make clean energy accessible for everyone. 

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