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Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
From a pristine hay meadow bursting with wildflowers, Flower Mound has blossomed into a dynamic, family-oriented community dedicated to greener living. The town offers many eco-friendly programs and allows solar panel installations to make a difference.

As the community expands, the demand for renewable energy increases to meet needs while supporting the environment. Choose SolaTrue, a reputable solar company in Flower Mound, for quality installations.

Why Flower Mound Residents Should Go Solar

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Solar panels are energy-efficient. Instead of traditional fossil fuels, you consume electricity from sunlight, enhancing efficiency by promoting responsible usage.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

When considering solar energy expenses, you primarily focus on two factors: upfront installation and maintenance. You may still reduce these costs using available incentives.

Environmental Friendly
Environmental Friendly

Flower Mound is an ideal place to live partly due to its abundant scenic natural resources. By going solar, you can help preserve this beauty for decades.

No Hazardous Waste

Solar panels do not cause toxic leaks. Furthermore, they have a long life span (25 to 30 years or even more), so they minimize waste.

Tax Incentives

A Flower Mound residential solar installation brings multiple financial benefits, including a 30% federal tax credit and a 100% state property tax exemption on the appraised value of your solar system.

Increase Home Value

A solar-powered home appeals to potential buyers seeking homes with environment-friendly features, tax incentives, and extended cost efficiency.

Our Solar Installation Services

Roof Mount Solar Systems

We install roof-mount systems for roofs with ample sun and stable structures. The process starts with assessing roof suitability, securely mounting solar panels, and strategically placing them for optimal exposure. 

Ground Mount Solar Systems

Our Flower Mound solar panel installers set up ground-mount solar panels in spacious yards. Before panel placement, we conduct necessary procedures such as site preparation, clearing trees, and leveling the surface.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Energy Efficient
Free Consultation

Our in-home consultation allows us to understand your unique needs. We'll review necessary data, from energy audits to property surveys, to ensure our solar installation experts in Flower Mound can meet your needs.

Cost Effective
Custom Design

We customize our system designs according to building features, optimal solar performance, zoning policies, and more to maximize solar output and meet placement requirements.

Environmental Friendly
Flexible Financing

Solar energy should be financially attainable for all. In addition to the 30% federal tax credit, SolaTrue offers flexible, low-interest financing options with no money down to enhance affordability.

Project Management

SolaTrue will handle permits, agreements, and other documents swiftly and efficiently, sparing you from complex, time-consuming paperwork.

Superior Installation

SolaTrue has been active in the solar industry since 2018, making us a reputable solar company in Flower Mound. Rest assured, our professional installers provide expert craftsmanship in all aspects of our service.

24/7 Monitoring

After installation, we will integrate a mobile app called Enphase to provide ongoing support. It lets you track daily energy production, send referrals, and generate crucial reports.

What Our Customers Say

Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
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