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Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation

St. Charles County—a delightful city with well-preserved historic buildings and bustling shops—has surfaced as one of the top 25 counties in the nation boasting high-tech growth. As this sector grows, the demand for electricity supporting its operations increases, presenting an opportunity to explore solar energy and other renewable options.

If you’re thinking about going solar, now’s the right time to start. The process requires thoughtful planning, so partnering with a professional solar company in St. Charles County, like SolaTrue, would be a smart choice.

Why St. Charles County Residents Should Go Solar

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

The world needs an eco-conscious generation, and going solar makes it possible. Solar panels generate power solely from sunlight, teaching you how to consume energy responsibly.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Protect the planet while saving money in the long run with St. Charles County residential solar installation. Apart from initial expenses, everything else is affordable (if not free).

Environmental Friendly
Environmental Friendly

Nothing beats a morning run through the lush streets of St. Charles County’s neighborhood, especially when the air is clean and the temperature is perfect. Solar energy helps maintain this pristine environment for you to enjoy.

No Hazardous Waste

Stop contributing to hazardous waste generation with solar panels. They do not produce toxic waste during their operational lifetime, spanning from 25 to 30 years (or even more).

Tax Incentives

The solar investment tax credit refunds 30% of the cost of your solar system on your income tax. Be sure to verify your eligibility for it.

Increase Home Value

Add a more enticing touch to your St. Charles County home with solar power. It enhances your property’s value by cutting bills, demonstrating eco-consciousness, qualifying for tax rebates, improving efficiency, and independence from nonrenewables.

Our Solar Installation Services

Roof Mount Solar Systems

Our solar installation experts in St. Charles County, MO, install roof-mount solar systems for roofs with plenty of space, great exposure to sunlight, and sturdy structures. The process involves carefully inspecting the roof’s tilt, orientation, and angle.

Ground Mount Solar Systems

We recommend ground-mount solar systems for broad land areas. These open spaces provide greater flexibility for installing solar panels. However, we’ll need to clear and level the surface beforehand.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Energy Efficient
Free Consult

What are your specific needs? Our solar company in St. Charles County understands and analyzes the unique requirements of our customers before tailoring a solution for their solar project.

Cost Effective
Custom Design

How can SolaTrue design a solar energy system that works for your property? We evaluate several factors to meet your needs, from building features to zoning policies.

Environmental Friendly
Flexible Financing

How can SolaTrue ease the financial worries of solar installation? The 30% solar tax credit should help offset some of the installation costs. Then, SolaTrue makes them even more affordable with low-interest financing options with no upfront costs.

Project Management

How does SolaTrue simplify the complicated paperwork? You don’t have to worry about that. We swiftly handle permits, rebate documentation, utility agreements, and other important paperwork to save you time and effort.

Superior Installation

What service quality do our SolaTrue professionals promise? Our seasoned St. Charles County solar panel installers have the expertise to deliver a seamless and hassle-free customer experience.

24/7 Monitoring

How does SolaTrue keep you informed after installation? We provide a web-based tool called Enphase for tracking real-time energy consumption and savings.


What Client's Say About Us

Customers from across the country have had fantastic experiences using SolaTrue. Here’s what they have to say.
Nina T.

This company is great! every time I have questions they never fail to educate me on my problems throughly in a way I understand.


The best solar company around, Jacob helped us through the whole process and getting everything situated paperwork wise and the best communication skills with everything!

Lindsi R.

I bought my solar panels a just over a year ago, and I've really seen a difference in savings. The sales team and installation team were so nice and informative.

Len S.

Excellent job and fast service. Saving hundreds on my bill each month. All the employees from sales and installation are very professional and knowledgeable about the process

Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Elevating St. Charles County Homes Through Solar Innovation

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SolaTrue is a dedicated solar company in St. Charles County that brings your solar dreams to reality with high-quality solutions. Enjoy huge savings, high home value, and a healthier life in the community. 

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