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Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Vibrant neighborhoods, numerous parks, abundant outdoor activities, and above-average schools—Mehlville is perhaps destined to be one of Missouri's best places to live. The community is also dedicated to raising environmental awareness, embracing renewable energy sources like solar power.

If you're interested but haven't switched to solar energy yet, start with SolaTrue. We are a trustworthy solar company in Mehlville committed to top-tier installations.

Why Mehlville Residents Should Go Solar

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Every kilowatt of electricity matters. Transitioning to solar power allows you to maximize each usage, minimizing waste and improving efficiency.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Using solar energy to power your property leads to long-term savings. Moreover, you can reduce initial and upkeep costs with available incentives.
Environmental Friendly
Environmental Friendly

Opting for a Mehlville residential solar installation guarantees clean air and comfortable climates to enjoy in the long run.

No Hazardous Waste
Going solar reduces the risk of harmful chemical leaks and eliminates the need for waste disposal. Also, thanks to the longevity of solar panels, you can live in a healthier environment for decades.
Tax Incentives

The 30% federal tax credit eases the financial burden of solar installation.

Increase Home Value
Installing solar panels makes your property look future-proof to potential buyers, attracting them with its sustainable qualities, tax benefits, and money-saving potential.

Our Solar Installation Services

Roof Mount Solar Systems

We install roof-mount solar systems on sturdy roofs with plenty of space and sun exposure. Our Mehlville solar panel installer will assess the angle, tilt, and orientation before installation.

Ground Mount Solar Systems

We install ground-mount solar systems in vast, open spaces with ample sunlight. This process requires clearing and leveling the surface before installing the panels.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Energy Efficient
Free Consultation
We’ll talk about your needs. Our in-home consultation includes an energy audit, property survey, and free quote.
Cost Effective
Custom Design
We’ll create the ideal system for your property. Our custom designs rely on your property’s building features, zoning policies, and allocated budget.
Environmental Friendly
Flexible Financing
We’ll make the most of your budget. SolaTrue offers flexible options with low interest rates, no money down, and monthly expenses lower than your average bills.
Project Management
We’ll manage the paperwork. As a reliable solar company in Mehlville, SolaTrue handles permits, agreements, and other documents so that you can enjoy your solar investment hassle-free.
Superior Installation
Count on us for high-quality services. SolaTrue’s professional solar installation experts in Mehlville, MO, are dedicated to streamlining the installation process from start to finish.
24/7 Monitoring

We offer post-installation support. After installing the solar panels, we’ll give you access to track your energy usage and savings through Enphase, our real-time online tracking tool.

What Our Customers Say

Roof Mount Solar Systems professional installation
Transforming Mehlville Homes With Solar Innovation

Mehlville is a promising place to unwind or settle down, especially with its proactive efforts to protect the environment through solar energy. Help this vibrant community thrive further by installing solar panels in your home with SolaTrue.

We are a locally-owned and nationally-backed solar company in Mehlville. We aim to make clean energy accessible to all, empowering communities one solar panel at a time.

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